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Compensation packages that actually drive performance 2021 Groysberg Boris, Abbott Sarah, Marino Michael R.
Changez la culture de votre entreprise pour améliorer sa performance 2018 Groysberg Boris, Lee Jeremiah, Price Jesse
Mettre à profit les entretiens de départ. Cet outil, trop peu exploité, s'avère un moyen efficace de retenir les collaborateurs 2017 Spain Everett, Groysberg Boris
Making exit interviews count 2016 Spain Everett, Groysberg Boris
The scandal effect. When companies misbehave, executives pay a price on the job market -even if they had nothing to do with the trouble 2016 Groysberg Boris, Lin Eric, Serafeim George, Abrahams Robin
Manage your work, manage your life 2014 Groysberg Boris, Abrahams Robin
Should a female director tone it down ? 2014 Groysberg Boris, Bell Deborah
Dysfunction in the boardroom 2013 Groysberg Boris, Bell Deborah
Great leaders who make the mix work 2013 Groysberg Boris, Connoly Katherine
Spotlight on women in leadership 2013 Ibarra Herminia, Ely Robin J., Kolb Deborah, Groysberg Boris, et al.
Leadership is a conversation 2012 Groysberg Boris, Slind Michael
How to hang on to your high potentials 2011 Fernández-Aráoz Claudio, Groysberg Boris, Nohria Nitin
The new path to the C-Suite 2011 Groysberg Boris, Kelly L. Kevin, Macdonald Bryan
Spotlight on leadership from the military 2010 Weiss Jeff, Donigian Aram, Hughes Jonathan, Berinato Scott, Groysberg Boris, Hill Andrew, Johnson Toby, Useem Michael
Which of these people is your future CEO ? The different ways military experience prepares managers for leadership 2010 Groysberg Boris, Hill Andrew, Johnson Toby
The definite guide to recruiting in good times and bad 2009 Fernández-Aráoz Claudio, Groysberg Boris, Nohria Nitin
Employee motivation : A powerful new model 2008 Nohria Nitin, Groysberg Boris, Lee Linda-Eling
How star women build portable skills 2008 Groysberg Boris